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Compatible Add-Ons

SPCAD by Cadomation 

  • SPCAD is an innovative Add-on designed to elevate the general workflows of CADMATE professionals, offering a robust suite of over 100 tools that promise comprehensive CAD solutions while automating tasks with precision. The versatility of SPCAD is evident through its compatibility with various file formats, allowing users to import KML, Shapefile, CSV, Text, GPX, LAS/LAZ, raster images with world files, GeoJSON, and XYZ files directly into their drawings. Similarly, users can effortlessly export drawings to KML, Shapefile, GeoJSON, CSV, GPX, KMZ (for images), and Text file formats. One notable feature is the multilingual support, with SPCAD available in both English and Spanish. The add-on further simplifies tasks related to coordinate systems, offering functionalities to assign/unassign coordinate systems, display system information, change drawing units, convert coordinate values for various projected coordinate systems, transform CADMATE drawings to custom projections, and apply grid-to-ground conversions. Notably, users can conveniently place QR codes for coordinate values within their drawings.

  • SPCAD also excels in cartography, enabling users to insert elements like North Arrows, Scale bars, and Legends into their drawings. Symbols can be placed on coordinates categorically, and the creation of Data-Driven sheets for linear features and areas enhances mapping capabilities. In topography, SPCAD offers tools to define alignments, mark chainages along alignments, create TIN surfaces, contour lines, and elevate points on TIN. Users can perform complex tasks such as calculating and plotting Area-Capacity curves for TIN surfaces, determining surface volumes, and generating longitudinal profiles from TIN, contours, 3D lines, and CSV data. Additionally, the capability to cut cross-sections from TIN, contours, 3D lines, and CSV data, as well as label and relabel contours, enhances topographic analysis. SPCAD's analytical features include cutting and merging closed polylines (polygons), creating buffers around points, lines/polylines, and closed polylines. Users can create lines/polygons from point objects and display line and block information from the current drawing. The add-on supports the creation of closed boundaries with outermost points in point data and enables the splitting of polylines while breaking text into words. Geometry-related tasks are expedited with SPCAD, allowing users to quickly create geometries such as right-angled triangles and three-point rectangles. The add-on facilitates the creation of angle bisectors and boxes around text, as well as the conversion of 2D to 3D polylines and vice versa. The ability to reduce nodes from a polyline and delete blocks with the Block Manager further streamlines geometric operations. In the realm of Cadaster, SPCAD introduces the Parcel Manager, simplifying parcel tasks by creating, adding, locating, labeling, and organizing parcels. Lot subdivision is made efficient with three methods: perpendicular to the side lot line, across lot width line, and across the front lot line. Users can divide lots using three methods: by area, by the number of divisions, and by percentage. The add-on enables the creation of parcels from polylines, annotation of parcels, and the seamless export of parcels to tables, SHP, KML, and CSV formats. SPCAD stands as a comprehensive solution for CADMATE professionals, offering a rich array of tools and functionalities to enhance every stage of the design process. From geospatial analysis to topography, cartography, analysis, and geometry, SPCAD streamlines tasks, accelerates workflows, and ensures precision in every aspect of CAD design.

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CAD Tools

CAD Tools (ToolBox) is developed for Civil Engineers using CAD which is directly compatible with CADMATE. There are a number of great software on the market supporting the design process of roads, rails etc. For minor design work CAD Tools can be very useful, it contains more than 50 commands mostly in real 3D to support your work. By combining separate commands through the work process you can achieve almost anything you want. When CAD Tools was developed, the commands we certainly had some situations in mind but every command can be used in a variety of situations not only in civil work design.With CadTools you can create your own surface models based on objects in the drawing or import triangles from DWG (other civil software). You can create profiles and cross-sections of multiple surfaces, calculate volumes and plot contours.

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Mech-Q is a feature-packed tool for CAD Engineers and Drafters alike

  • Mech-Q puts you in control of your engineering drawings. It can be used it in may ways and has hundred of drawing tools which are organized in a pulldown and floating toolbars. 

  • It’s a tool that can be used in the field, a fabrication shop or in a drafting office. It supports a variety of disciplines including mechanical, piping, HVAC and structural engineering.

  • The bottom lines is that Mech-Q will help you creates professional drawings fast and win over your clients.

  • Mech-Q is is a complete engineers toolbox filled with everything you will need for any Mechanical, Piping, Structural or Ducting project. PLUS the software integrates directly inside your existing CAD system.

  • Mech-Q, but is not just a tool. You could say it’s like a Swiss army knife for CAD professionals. That’s why over 25,000+ CAD professionals prefer Mech-Q for their number one engineering CAD solution.

  • Mech-Q works with CADMATE.

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Mech - Q.png


  • TojoCAD combined with CADMATE offers powerful software solutions to Surveyors and Civil Engineers and dedicated to serve most powerful products to develop better, more presentable drawings and accurate reports.

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Tool Palettes & Customization

CADMATE api teams offers an extended support in configuring the existing tool palettes and related functions on any CAD platform to be directly compatible with CADMATE environment.

Below are the companies where the Customization was done & implemented successfully.

a) Gharnata
b) Koltay Facades

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  • Auto_C.A. is a program aimed at the design of reinforced concrete structures in the CADMATE environment, built with the technical contribution of the protagonists of reinforced concrete constructions.

  • The philosophy of the program is to not change anything with respect to the established habits of the designers: Auto_C.A. it does not propose a rigid scheme, but is presented as a series of simple and powerful tools to design quality projects, greatly reducing production times.

  • Auto_C.A. uses CADMATE objects and commands in a totally dynamic way (e.g. in a bar it is sufficient to edit a text as you do with CADMATE and everything changes in real time!) Those who know how to use CADMATE already know how to use Auto_C.A.

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