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A navigation cube is displayed in 2D or 3D model space, which allows easily switching between standard and isometric views.


By using Visual Studio Code with CADMATE 2023, you can edit and debug lisp files conveniently.


With this new feature, you can synchronize one or more layout viewports to a master layout viewport to have the exact locations match up.


Marks unclosed endpoints among select lines, polylines or arcs and supports to close them.


The SYSVARMONITOR command monitors a list of system variables and sends notifications when any one of them changes. There are some system variables already in the monitor by default which you can add or remove in the "edit system variables list" dialogue box.


The CLIPIT feature clips or removes specified portions of blocks, Xref drawings, images and wipeout objects by defining polyline, circle, arc, ellipse, text, mtext or attribute definitions as clipping boundaries. And you can set the maximum allowable error distance for resolution of arc segments.


The ATTIPEDIT command provides a quick and easy way to edit the textual contents of an attributes of a block when you feel like editing the attribute values 


The LAYOUTMERGE command merges specific layouts into a single layout. All layouts or model are available to be picked and you can specify an existing layout or enter a new name to create a new layout as the destination layout.

Reset Settings to default

The Reset Settings to default option in windows start menu helps reset CADMATE to default much quicker and more easily